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Shocks and Struts Repair Taylorsville

Expert Shocks and Struts Repair in Taylorsville Utah

What People Are Saying about Our Shocks and Struts Repair Service Taylorsville 


I've been taking my car here for almost 2 years now and have always had friendly service and fair service prices. These guys inspected a used car I was purchasing and even vouched for me in getting new tires in the deal from my seller. I've always felt like they take care of my car and never try to rip me off in the process. Thank you guys for keeping my car running smoothly! 


I can not say enough great things about Jones Complete Care Care, I’ve been going here for at least 10 years and have had 1 single issue that was resolved immediately. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and the price is competitive. Try them out and you’ll never regret it!! 


I can’t say enough about Chester and staff at Jones complete car care! They have maintained my vehicles for 5 years now, and treat me like I’m the most important person in the world! And I trust their opinion, fair and honest. Thanks for the personal touch! 

Shocks and Struts Repair Taylorsville – Experience the Jones Complete Car Care Difference 

When it comes to car and truck Shocks and Struts, we know you have lots of options in Taylorsville to choose from. But not all Shock and Struts Repair shops are the same. At Jones Complete Car Care, we hire only the best technicians to service your vehicle. When you work with us you can rest easy knowing your Shocks and Struts will be replaced correctly and professionally, and at a fair price.  


Why choose Jones Car Care for Shocks and Struts Repair Taylorsville? 

We are a local Taylorsville Shocks and Struts repair service – not a chain store. Most of our customers have been bringing their cars to us for more than five years. Every customer who walks through our doors is important to us and we make sure you know it. You will never feel like you are “just another number” in line when you trust us for your Shocks and Struts Repair in Taylorsville. We live and work here and our community is important to us.  

What Do Taylorsville Car Shocks and Struts Do For My Car or Truck?  

The shocks and struts play crucial roles in a vehicle's suspension system. Shocks, or shock absorbers, are designed to dampen the bouncing motion of the springs as the vehicle travels over bumps and uneven road surfaces. They help to maintain tire contact with the road, ensuring better handling, stability, and comfort for passengers. On the other hand, struts are a structural part of the suspension system, serving as a pivot point for wheel movement and supporting the coil spring. They also contribute to vehicle control, stability, and overall ride comfort. Both shocks and struts work together to provide a smooth, controlled, and safe driving experience. 

What Causes Car Shocks and Struts Failure?  

Shock and strut failures in cars and trucks can stem from various factors. Worn-out bushings can lead to noise, excessive bouncing, and compromised handling, while damaged struts or coil springs may fail to dampen impacts effectively, resulting in a trampoline-like sensation. Lifting a vehicle on a lift can hyper-extend the struts or shocks past their normal travel, leading to potential failure. Excessive bouncing when encountering bumps or potholes, and sudden shocks from road obstructions, can contribute to shock and strut deterioration. Detecting signs such as fluid leaks (for shock absorbers) or knocking sounds (for struts) is crucial in identifying potential issues early on. 


How Can I Tell if My Shocks and Struts Need Fixed? 

  • Pulling to the side 

  • Car becomes hard to steer 

  • Car continues to bounce after going over a bump 

  • Tires shake 

  • Car feels like it is “floating” up and down going down the road 


To help make sure your steering/suspension, shocks and struts are operating correctly, a Jones Complete Car Care technician can examine all of your steering and suspension parts. 



Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


We understand the importance of affordability. Our prices are competitive and fair.  


Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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