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Car Headlight Replacement Salt Lake City

Expert Car Headlight Replacement in Salt Lake City Utah

What People Are Saying about Our Headlight Replacement in Salt Lake City


I've been taking my car here for almost 2 years now and have always had friendly service and fair service prices. These guys inspected a used car I was purchasing and even vouched for me in getting new tires in the deal from my seller. I've always felt like they take care of my car and never try to rip me off in the process. Thank you guys for keeping my car running smoothly! 


I can not say enough great things about Jones Complete Care Care, I’ve been going here for at least 10 years and have had 1 single issue that was resolved immediately. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and the price is competitive. Try them out and you’ll never regret it!! 


I can’t say enough about Chester and staff at Jones complete car care! They have maintained my vehicles for 5 years now, and treat me like I’m the most important person in the world! And I trust their opinion, fair and honest. Thanks for the personal touch! 

Car Headlight Replacement Salt Lake City – Experience the Jones Complete Car Care Difference 

When it comes to car and truck Headlight replacement, we know you have lots of options in Salt Lake City to choose from. But not all Headlight replacement shops are the same. At Jones Complete Car Care, we hire only the best technicians to service your vehicle. When you work with us you can rest easy knowing your car Headlight will be replaced correctly and professionally, and at a fair price.  


Why choose Jones Car Care for Car and Truck Headlight Replacement Salt Lake City? 

We are a local Salt Lake City Automotive Repair Company – not a chain store. Most of our customers have been bringing their cars to us for more than five years. Every customer who walks through our doors is important to us and we make sure you know it. You will never feel like you are “just another number” in line when you trust us for your Headlight replacement in Salt Lake City. We live and work here and our community is important to us.  

Can I Replace My Car Headlight Myself?  

We understand there are places that sell car headlights in Salt Lake City who will “provide you with the tools” to replace a Headlight they have sold you. Although you might be able to manage this seemingly simple repair yourself, as new cars become more complex, so has replacing a headlight. Often, car headlights are in very tight spaces and are hard to reach. Plus, because they are often in hard-to-reach places, the new headlight can be easily damaged trying to get it in place. Also – while you are trying to get your hand in those tight spots, you are probably going to get very dirty. Why not bring your car into and let us replace your headlight for you.  


Do Adaptive Headlights Require A Specific Type of Headlight for Replacement?  

Adaptive headlights, also known as dynamic or swiveling headlights, do indeed require specific replacement bulbs designed for their adaptive function. These headlights are equipped with motors and sensors that allow the lights to adjust and pivot based on the vehicle's speed, steering angle, and road conditions. When replacing bulbs for adaptive headlights, it's essential to use bulbs specifically tailored for this functionality. For example, if the vehicle originally came with adaptive HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs, the replacement bulbs should also be compatible with the adaptive system. Using non-adaptive bulbs may compromise the headlight's ability to adjust and pivot, potentially impacting visibility and safety. 


What is the Best Type of Car Headlight?  

LED headlights are often considered a favorable choice due to their balance of energy efficiency, longevity, and brightness. However, it's essential to research and consider factors specific to your vehicle and driving conditions before deciding. It is also important to know what type of headlights your vehicle accepts and/or requires.  


What is the Best Type of Headlight to Use for my Car or Truck?  

The "best" type of headlight depends on various factors such as individual preferences, driving conditions, budget and vehicle requirements. Here's a general comparison to help you make an informed decision: 


  • Halogen Headlights: 

  • Pros: Affordable, widely available, and easy to replace. 

  • Cons: Relatively shorter lifespan and lower energy efficiency compared to newer technologies. 

  • LED Headlights: 

  • Pros: Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and provides bright, white light. 

  • Cons: Initial cost may be higher, but cost-effective over the long term due to longevity and efficiency. 

  • HID/Xenon Headlights: 

  • Pros: Bright, bluish-white light output and longer lifespan than halogen. 

  • Cons: Initial cost, warm-up period, and potential for glare if not properly aligned. 

  • Adaptive Headlights (aka moving headlights): 

  • Pros: Enhanced visibility in various driving conditions, especially on curves and corners. 

  • Cons: Typically found in more advanced and higher-end vehicles, potentially increasing initial cost. 

  • Laser Headlights: 

  • Pros: Extremely energy-efficient, long lifespan, and precise illumination. 

  • Cons: Currently limited to select high-end vehicles, potentially expensive to implement. 

To determine the best type for your specific needs, consider factors such as visibility requirements, driving habits, climate, and manufacturers specifications. Very few vehicles are being made today with halogen headlights (yellow headlights) and there is a reason for this. The newer headlights (like LED) are brighter, more energy efficient and last longer. It is generally worth a few dollars more to get at least LED headlights if they make them for your vehicle.



Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


We understand the importance of affordability. Our prices are competitive and fair.  


Our goal is always to exceed expectations, leaving you completely satisfied with our automotive services. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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